Dear Kevin and staff

This is such a long overdue thank you.

In November 2016 you gave me a partial knee replacement. I cannot describe how much it has changed my life for the better. From being in constant pain for so long and virtually housebound, I have a new lease on life. I am grateful for this every single day.

As you promised, my right knee is now my “strong knee”. So over a year later, I am at last letting you know how successful the op was and how pleased I am that you were my excellent surgeon. 

Dr. T.T. Collins B.V.Sc.

The past decade saw me limping very badly and ultimately I had to cease all recreational activity, and my daily work was almost intolerable. My walk became a hobbling limp.

I consulted Dr Kevin MacIntyre in November 2017. He reprimanded me – now a sixty-eight year old bullet – severely for not having sought medical help twenty-plus years earlier! We discussed the various surgical and other options and he advised an arthrodesis (fusion) of the tibial-talar joint. The surgery was performed at the Gateway Private Hospital in Umhlanga in January 2018.

I was discharged two days later. Within a week I had no pain! Four months later I was walking – with a limp – on my fused ankle, WITHOUT PAIN FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE 1970! (48 years!)

At the time of writing this (6 months post-operatively) I am walking 90% soundly and intend to climb a favourite 3000 metre peak on my 70th birthday. Thanks to the KZN Foot & Ankle Clinic’s Dr Kevin MacIntyre.

Ann Brown

Dearest Dr MacIntyre

I have been meaning to send this email through for quite sometime.

I had been suffering with severe tendonitis in my right Achilles Tendon for approximately 17 years and had been to see many many doctors and physios over the years to get help but to no avail – they kept giving me the same answer – nothing could be done unless it snapped and only then could it be operated on and repaired.

I came to see you after being referred by James MacAllistair as I had undergone an arthroscopy on my knee and he told me that I had to get my tendon sorted out in order to stop/help/slow down my knee problem.

You recommended a “clean out” and you did the operation about two years ago. I cannot thank you enough – it has changed my life!!

I have been pain free for the last two years and I have just come back from doing the Wild Coast Hotel Hop Hike – I walked approximately 80kms on the coastline in five days – with varying walking surfaces from thick beach sand to clambering over rocks and forest tracks.

To have completed this hike has been an amazing personal achievement and I honestly only have you to thank.

Thank you so so much for giving me a new lease on life that is filled with lots of walking which is clearly good for my soul!

Elsie Robinson

On the 1 February Dr. Kevin McIntyre performed a ankle foot correction on me (Neurological Cavus). It is now 5 months post opp. and I just want to place on record how happy and thrilled I am with my recovery after having suffered for two years prior. Once again thank you Dr. Kevin not for just operating but for the fantastic work of art.